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A Note From Our CEO

Hi, I’m Graham Doessel,

And I Help To Get Good People Out Of Bad Situations.

I believe the credit reporting system in Australia is grossly unfair to good honest Australians that may have run into a bit of chaos at some point. Even if you’d committed a serious crime, you’d still get to defend yourself before being convicted, but a creditor can default you, effectively sentencing you to five years Hard Labour in ‘Credit Prison’ where you are completely stuck with little to No Options or chances to move ahead Unless MyCRA Lawyers comes to your rescue.

Since 2009, I have made it my personal mission to help as many people as I can get ‘Early Release’ and where possible, a ‘Full Pardon’ by proving you should never have been sentenced (defaulted) in the first place!

We Are Legal Professionals

Our Credit Repair Lawyers are specially trained.

They can remove virtually any default affecting your credit score.

*Even If It Was Your Debt & It’s Still Unpaid*

How We Work

3 Simple Steps To Clean Credit:


Let’s have a chat – We’ll explain your credit file and all your options (Send it in, or we’ll get it for you).


We audit your creditor to uncover all the technical errors made by your creditor in the way you were defaulted.


Your creditor is instructed to remove your default Immediately – CONGRATULATIONS – you get to buy your home!

Bad Credit vs Clean Credit - Calculator

1. Enter your Mortgage amount.

2. Then enter the best Interest Rate you can find.

3. Then enter the bad credit interest rate,

(normally between 2 - 6% higher) and then

4. Press Calculate


BAD Credit Vs Clean Credit - Comparison Chart

Interest rate

Loan Details

Clean Credit

Bad Credit

Loan Amount

Loan Term







Life of loan

Clean Credit

Bad Credit

Extra Repayments

Speak To Your Mortgage Broker

This is general advice only. Please speak to your preferred mortgage broker for the most up-to-date interest rates.

Please book an appointment with my lawyers and paralegals to discuss your credit repair plan today.

Here's What A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say!

Here's Just A Few Of The Creditors We've Removed From Our Clients' Credit Files


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